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A passionate software engineer with over 10 years of work experience in Dubai, India and Singapore
with various MNCs, trained by NUS and AI Singapore, mother of two has evolved creative ways
of introducing children to the world of programming.

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Ruchi is very patient and took the time to make sure I fully understood the concepts. She specializes in teaching children and youths, which I think actually helped with as an adult since her explanations were clear and easy to follow.

Privately to you, as I mentioned above I really appreciate your patience. Your idea to type in notes with an # right next to the code is fantastic, and appreciate how you wait as i type it in and think about it.
I would say the materials for the NUS course are similar to some of your materials that you have shared with me. Covers basics. But the NUS course can be a bit challenging in that the assignments really jump a level from what was taught in the video lectures. And as you saw, the questions are not clear or are designed to deliberately confuse you in order to force you to think… which I see the merits of, but at the beginner level only serves to confuse. Its only a 10 week course and for beginners so confusing us doesnt help.

Aside from that, your one-on-one sessions really helped me to understand the code and I’m very grateful. We have one more session next Tuesday. Looking forward to it.